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December 2020

New Body Scanner for Passenger Screening at Coffs Harbour Airport

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December 2020: Amendments to the Aviation Transport Security Regulations have required the installation of a new Body Scanner at Coffs Harbour Airports screening point.

The new Body Scanner uses millimetre wave technology to look for items that may be prohibited from air travel.

Coffs Harbour Airport Manager Glenn Robinson said “it does not penetrate the body and does not detect gender, but is sensitive enough to identify items such as tissues, notes (currency) and handkerchiefs.

“To ensure the fastest progression through the screening point passengers should remove all loose items, including belts, prior to their initial screening.

“We thank all our passengers and visitors for continued cooperation as we meet our regulatory obligations and further enhance aviation security.”

The Body Scanner installation was completed by Coffs Harbour City Council, with support from the Australian Governments Regional Airports Screening Infrastructure (RASI) Program.