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April 2020


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Fly Corporate has entered into a Grant Agreement with the Federal Government to provide a minimum weekly schedule from Monday 4 May 2020 to the regional ports it serviced prior to the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the Fly Corporate press release please click here which includes the updated Coffs Harbour flight schedule.

Flights continuing during COVID-19 between Coffs and Sydney for essential travel

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Qantas flights between Coffs Harbour and Sydney have been guaranteed for the next 8 weeks for those needing essential air travel. This is part of last week’s announcement from the Australian Government about an agreement with Qantas and Virgin to underwrite regional flights.

For Coffs Harbour Airport, it means there will be a minimum of 2 return flights per week. While pre-Easter some flights to and from Coffs Harbour were cancelled due to low passenger numbers, this new arrangement (effective immediately) gives those who must travel a reliable schedule to plan against during this crisis.

The flights are designed to ensure frontline and essential workers, defence personnel and important freight items such as medical supplies can get to Coffs Harbour and other regional areas.

All enquiries on schedules and ticketing should be directed to Qantas or your travel agent. And if it’s not essential to travel, please stay at home.​

Posted 20 April 2020.